Collaboration + My Two Cents: “Yellow Flicker Beat”

DSC02739Ello, my loves! I am so ecstatic to be back here (after 2 days since my last post!!) to catch up on a couple of sets that I’ve worked on. I’ve been feeling oddly inspired and productive, and I am loving every moment of it. I might as well seize it! 😛

If you are following me on Instagram (@diemberly), then you may or may not be aware of my random yet specifically curated aesthetics. I like to post a set of 9 pictures based on some kind of color scheme that is subconsciously decided by my mood. When I’m feeling a bit blue, I wear blue, thus, I end up with a blue theme. When I’m feeling the love, I tend to surround myself with red. I didn’t realized this pattern until a few colors in when I turned such a subconscious thought into conscious actions. As of late, I have been feeling happy, so I’ve been posting a lot of yellow!

When I say “happy,” it doesn’t mean that my life is working out splendidly. In fact, it’s quite the opposite – my face is breaking out (again) despite my strict diet; I am stressing over my future with school and my pharmacy tech license; and I am getting tired of swiping.

Although that sounds rather sad, I am happy in how I am reacting to my struggles. I’ve been staying positive because being negative never helped me before. I’ve been channeling stress and fear into motivation. Lastly, I’ve been focusing on good relationships and letting go of bad ones.

I know it is so incredibly easy to say so, thus, I wanted to share a few tips/ practices that have helped me.

One, be your own fan! I compliment myself in the mirror each morning. It can be as superficial as “Wow, you have gorg eyebrows.” to something more substantial like “You have a big heart.” If you aren’t too keen on looking at yourself in the mirror (I totally understand!), then you can start slow with pep talks. I like writing them on post-its and posting them on/in random, unexpected places. When I was a student, I posted a lot of pep talks in my textbooks and on my laptop, so I would start something daunting on a happy note (literally :P).

Two, follow positive social media and unfollow not-so-positive social media. Social media gets such a bad rep, but I think it’s such a positive tool if used well. I mean, I found my sanctuary on social media with this blog and Instagram after all! Although a lot of URL content does not depict what really happens IRL, it does NOT apply to all influencers. There are a lot of badass content creators who are so incredibly real and vulnerable on social media – you just aren’t following them. My favorite community is Wear Your Label’s Brand Ambassadors + Campus Reps. Once I unfollowed “IG models” (who I will never look like – let’s be real) and followed WYL’s community, I felt at home on social media.

If I happen to be a not-so-positive social media outlet, then feel feel to unfollow me. Your health is much more important than my ego, so no hard feelings!

Lastly, phone calls>>> texts! Call me old school or whatevs, but I love a good phone call. Although texts are convenient and the use of emojis are so cute, there is something about hearing the other person laugh rather than reading “lol.” I believe a good hour conversation on the phone is much more powerful than a whole day worth of texts. If you are still anti-phone calls, then meet in person!

S/O to my friends who talk to me on the phone during my long commutes. ❤

DSC02736To wrap up this post, I wanted to share a candid shot, which is supposed to serve as the juxtaposition to the rest of the set. This is me; that was me – all of this is me. These are my thoughts. Theses are my struggles and successes. I have absolutely nothing to hide. I don’t have an ulterior motive – I am not seeking attention, love, or pity. I am just living my life, and I hope to inspire one extra person to do so also. (That extra person is probs the future-me because I do read all of my posts again.)

I had the pleasure of collaborating with Shawn S. on this set – I cannot wait to work with you again!

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