Collaboration + How I Wear It: Black and Brown

Hello, my loves! Today, I have a little confession. Although I am a self-proclaimed fashionista, I have probably broken every single fashion rule there is. My favorite is wearing black and brown together. I love how classic neutral tones are, so why not mix and match some of them?

This particular outfit was inspired by my hair (which is changing very soon!). After a few sessions, I have been flaunting this ash blonde gradient balayage. Like my hair, I love the contrast between the layers of dimensions within this silhouette. From my tan skin peeping at my midriff and mesh heels to the vibrant bucket bag with the gold buckle, my being, itself, is breaking the infamous rule against black and brown.
Forever 21 crop top–F21: $5
Vintage corduroy maxi skirt–Savers: ~$5
Forever 21 mesh heels–thredUP: FREE with credit (originally $7.60)
Coach bucket bag–Mom’s closet: FREE (originally purchased from garage sale for $10)
Total: $10, Price Per Wear (PPW): ~$1
My Ten Cents #55: There should be one “fashion rule” – dress for yourself and nobody else.
Thank you, Michelle T., for collaborating and visiting the beautiful mural by Irubiel Moreno with me!

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