Collaboration + How I Wear It: Summer Lookbook

Hello, my loves – I’m back! Did you miss me? I missed y’all so much! I’ve been working hard to (re) connect and collaborate with blogger/photographer-friends. My favorite thing about working with others is that it feels more like a hangout than work. From being inspired to inspiring, I love the creative atmosphere of such hangouts. This hangout was all due to the fabulous Michelle T. 
This summer has been really interesting, and I think it shows in my outfits. It’s my first “full” summer, in which I am not taking summer classes. I have a lot of time for a change, but all I want to do is stay in bed and binge-watch OITNB in my yoga pants instead. Since I haven’t been out much this summer, I do get a bit more “dressy” every chance I get. The following outfits have been my go-to summer looks.

Outfit #1: Ecote Hat (~$15, Urban Outfitters), Keepsake Playsuit (~$12, Crossroads), Vintage Coach Backpack ($2, Garage Sale), Forever 21 Heels (~$12, F21)

While I was looking for my graduation dress, I came across this beautifully structured Keepsake playsuit for 50% off at Crossroads. I usually avoid strapless garments due to my flat chest, but I loved the origami-like detail on this number too much to not give it a try. Note to self: always try clothes on before ruling them out because the detail here created a tight bodice for my fitting. This playsuit has been my go-to in this hot Sacramento weather for everything from running errands to going on dates. I recommend a simple yet classic playsuit mainly because it’s so easy to dress up and down. For this casual look, I paired it with a floppy hat as an accessory. For a night look, I would swap out the hat for some jewelry to compliment the detailed neckline.

Outfit #2: Line and Dot Jumpsuit ($15, Crossroads), Forever 21 Platforms (~$12, Crossroads)
If not a playsuit, then I’m most likely wearing a jumpsuit, especially if the outing is at night. When I found this jumpsuit at Crossroads (again), I thought it was a maxi dress. I was pleasantly surprised when I unraveled a gorgeous jumpsuit (again, note to self: always visit the fitting rooms). I loved its light and flowy silhouette, so I had to add it to my collection of jumpsuits.
Oh, I almost forgot to mention – the details on this jumpsuit are everything. It has a criss-cross back, lattice on the sides, pockets (!!), and built-in shorts with an emphasis on the sheer bottoms.

Outfit #3: Forever 21 Top ($10, F21), Abercrombie & Fitch Skirt ($10, A&F), Forever 21 Boots (~$15, F21)

Last but not least, feeling a bit nostalgic, I channeled some 90’s vibes with this two-piece ensemble. I actually wore something very similar growing up, but def less risqué! 😛 I have always had a thing for front knots, so I was attracted to this top immediately. It did not hurt that the top is cropped with bell sleeves.

Since the top is cropped, I justified the amount of skin shown with a high-waisted bottom. I have been living in this Abercrombie and Fitch olive, suede skirt since I got it. After looking for a long time, I finally found my dream skirt! To finish off the look, I took out my Forever 21 boots out to play. This look definitely got some stares (good or bad? I wasn’t sure..), but I did not mind because I was doing me the whole time.

My Ten Cents #51: Summer outfits do not need to be limited to crop tops and short shorts (although I love that combination). I understand that layering is not ideal during the summer, but you def can still be creative – play with your silhouette with different garments and accessories/shoes!

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