Collaboration + Monthly Favorites: February and March

Hello, my loves! I cannot believe it’s already April, and I’m here with a combined monthly favorites. I’ve been so busy with academic priorities (because your girl is graduating!) and collaborations, so I haven’t tried many products as of late. Furthermore, I did not fall in love with most of the products that I did try, so I thought a combined monthly favorites would be appropriate. I apologize for the late post, but know that I’m always thinking of ways to reinvent this medium to meet both of our needs!

First and foremost, one of my monthly favorites is definitely my hair! The oh-so-talented Sarah of Crushed Amethyst Studio gave my hair some much needed love. If you are located by the Elk Grove area, then I definitely recommend her – she’s super knowledgeable and she makes sure you feel comfortable throughout the whole process! After not touching my hair for a good year, Sarah did an ash blond gradient balayage on my grown out caramel balayage ombre. As a result, I’m so obsessed with my light ends – thanks Sarah!

To compliment my new do, I finally gave my NuMe 32 mm magic wand a spin! I actually bought it during the summer when they had a sale (which they have frequently, so keep an eye on them!), but I recently gave it a go. I regret not using it sooner because it cutted down my hair routine in half! My hair is extremely stubborn and it usually take me 30 mins to an hour to curl my hair, depending on its length. With my long hair now, my routine takes 30 mins max with the wand. The wand is absolutely magical for when I want to achieve loose curls, which takes me less than 20 mins. I love that I can curl a lot more hair at one time compared to my traditional hair curler.
I recently took a couple of trips to Forever 21 to replenish my spring wardrobe. I thought that I deserved them, given that I haven’t shopped since last year (I know – it’s hard to believe). During one trip, I randomly found this super cute floral crop top, as pictured. It has an open back, which has my name written all over it. Then, my friend pointed out the matching maxi skirt, which I scooped up as well. For it to have a high slit, it was definitely a match made in heaven. I paired the outfit with my Forever 21 platforms that I bought from Crossroads awhile ago. I’m really short, so this outfit is perfect in my book. The set cost me about $20, which I thought was reasonable. Plus, getting my PPW is super easy because I can wear the pieces separately by pairing the top with a pair of high waisted bottom and the bottom with a classic scoop neck body suit.
During my second trip, I bought the hat, as pictured, on clearance for about $6. For a person who’s not a huge fan of hats, I actually own quite a few. I bought this one in particular because I love the olive green shade. I think hats are a great way to accessorize loose curls for an easy-breezy casual look. Additionally, they are awesome for relatively bad hair days when my hair lacks volume.
Before I end this post, I wanted to thank my dear friend, Michelle T., for all of these pictures as our first official collaboration. She is also super stylish, so please check her out!

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