My Two Cents + How I Wear It: Caramel Balayage Ombre on Short/Medium Hair

Helllllo loves! I’m back here with a somewhat spontaneous post. I wasn’t going to post about my recent hair journey separately from my next post (stay tuned… although it’s already a whole month late. I’m so so so sorry!). I changed my mind and I would like to blog about this now because 1) I already had these photos ready to be shared; 2) I realized that this may be relevant because a lot of people are changing their hair in response to the weather change; and 3) I came across this Hello Giggle’s Article that I wanted to share because I agreed with every single point. I just wanted to share my two cents with y’all in regards to my hair journey, especially if you are at all hesitant about a change and need some motivation. I gotchu!
First of all, a little bit of my hair history: I have “Asian hair,” which is very fine, but because I had a lot of it, my hair felt super thick and heavy to the point where a high bun gave me a headache (Weird, I know.). I also had virgin hair with some type of heat damage because my hair cannot curl for its life, so I typically leave my iron curler in longer than I should.
Before getting my haircut, my hair reached my butt, and it has never been that long before! I always wanted it to be super long in order to donate to Locks of Love without opting out for a bob haircut (Been there. Done that. I literally looked like a 5 years old child, thus, I will never ever go back to that.). I didn’t realized that it was long until I gave up on brushing my hair because my brush would get stuck. I should have realized it when I had to double up on shampoo and condition while showering. Whooops.
After being enlightened, I still delayed my haircut. It wasn’t because I was afraid of going short, but instead, I was afraid of the salon. Being my cheap-self, I usually get my hair cut by super cheap salons, and I would always leave crying inside. (I learned that I get what I pay for… but in my defense, those haircuts were expensive for what I got in return.) I practically gave up on getting my hair cut because I didn’t trust anyone with my hair. I even learned how to cut my own hair once… but that didn’t turn out too well.
After yelping a lot, I came across Eva from Luxi Salon & Spa (in Elk Grove) who got great reviews. I sent her a text after contemplating on whether or not I should get my hair cut by a professional. I showed her a picture from my Pinterest board and she delivered. I didn’t really give her much guidance in regards to my hair style besides my middle parting and my hatred for layers unless they are very minimal for volume purposes. The cut was done super quickly and surprisingly, it came out perfectly. I am able to part my hair to the side if I wanted to, but I typically do a middle parting for curled hair.
Eva is known for coloring hair in the balayage ombre technique. The ombre is very subtle and natural like how I wanted it. She applied the “brushing” balayage technique, which frames my face well. My session took about 3-4 hours. I was so not ready for the chemical smell for that period of time. It’s true; beauty hurts.
As for styling, curls and waves showcase the balayage ombre look the best. I’ve gone straight with my hair, but it does not do the color pay off justice. Since I wash my hair every other day, I curl my hair on day one and then let it loosen up into beach waves for day two. After showering on day two, I would repeat the routine. If you are going to do this too, then I highly recommend the use of a heat protectant! No more crispy-damaged hair!
My final thoughts: I am so glad that I took a leap of faith (and thank you trustee Yelpers). My hair, now, is definitely a better portrayal of me. I love my natural and long hair that my parents blessed me with, but change is good. I look and feel more mature and confident than before. I don’t have to hide behind my huge mane anymore and attention isn’t too bad.
A long time ago, a boy who I thought I liked told me that I shouldn’t dye my hair (when I wanted to dye it then). I was persuaded by him to satisfy his preference. (I don’t know what I was thinking. It wasn’t like we were dating… even then, it shouldn’t matter!) To be honest, getting my hair dyed that day felt so liberating. It felt like, for a lack of words, a punch to his face for making me choose between feelings for him and myself. I finally love myself, and my other half should love me for me too. 🙂
Peace out, bad vibes!
My ten cents #42: Before getting a major haircut, I recommend: 1) Pinterest your little fingers to your heart’s content because options and references for your hairdresser are good! 2) Research base on your face shape and dig up old (bad) selfies to make sure you don’t repeat history; 3) Yelp. Yelp. Yelp. Seriously, yelp knows what’s up. 4) Be opened minded to hairdresser’s opinions and have faith, especially if he/she is experienced. If all fails, then just remember, hair grows back and it was a learning experience!
P.S. Please donate your hair for the production of hair prosthetics if you can! Unfortunately, many people have lost their hair due to diseases like cancer. If you are blessed with hair, then please consider blessing someone else with it. Hair is important in building self-esteem and confidence. Why not share the love and empowerment? 

5 thoughts on “My Two Cents + How I Wear It: Caramel Balayage Ombre on Short/Medium Hair

  1. Diem!! I'm so happy you chose yourself over others. Beauty comes with a cost, but it should always be for yourself. 😀 Continue looking good and being awesome. ❤


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