How I Wear It: Blue Shirt (VSA)

Hello loves! It’s a new school year, thus, it is also a new year of VSA (Vietnamese Student Association). WHOO-HOO! I have been a member since my freshman year, but I literally had my heart on it before graduating from high school. VSA has been a huge part of my college life, and I definitely blossomed into a (hopefully) better person.

As a homage to my second family, I thought I should do another post revolving around VSA. I was inspired by my friend (Hello Crystal!) who sent me a picture of her outfit via Instagram that was inspired by this VSA-related post. It was one of the sweetest gestures and I was thoroughly touched. YOU ARE DA CUTEST, CRYSTAL! ❤

Anywho, the purpose of this post is relatively serious. I haven’t felt so intimidated by clothing before. When I got this shirt, I literally googled, “How to wear a blue shirt?” I was intimidated by the vibrant blue color for the following reasons:

1. I never had this problem before because I own mostly neutral clothing. I have a few pops of color here and there in my closet, but those pieces aren’t too hard to incorporate into my outfits.

2. Blue’s complementary color is red, so logically, I should wear red and blue. However, I am not a fan of red either, so I don’t own many red pieces. That doesn’t work out too well. (I am too darn picky.)

3. It’s not a dress… so what am I suppose to wear for bottoms?! Blue denim is a little too matchy-matchy for my cuppa tea.

          After thinking long and hard, I came up with a few options that work with me for various occasions.  

OUTFIT #1: This is, by far, my favorite outfit out of the bunch because all the elements are inspired by previous decades. I am no fashion-snob, or at least, I don’t think I am. However, I absolutely adore the fashion sense from back in the days, and I am not surprised to see elements of it in the present. Taking an androgynous approach, I paired my vintage acid-washed denim jacket ($2.50) that was found in the men section of a church rummage sale with my high pony-tail and bold lips. As for my bottoms, I wore my white INC denim bottoms that I got from my aunt. I thought the white streaks in the jacket and the wording from the shirt complemented the bottoms well. I kept the shoes simple with my Kimchi silver toe-capped wedges that I got from Facebook. Lastly, I tied it all together with a new piece of jewelry: Forever 21 black/gold necklace that was on clearance for $2.50. I thought it was cool how the triangles from the necklace pointed toward the mountains on the shirt, which then points back to the necklace.

OUTFIT #2: For this outfit, I went with a more bohemian look while playing with layers. Instead of playing with its complementary color, I played with the relationship between yellow, blue and green. Even until this day, I am still fascinated by the way colors are able to mix to make a whole different color. From using food coloring to make pretty frosting to manipulating colors on PhotoShop, I think the concept is too cool for school (not really, I did finger painting in kindergarten with these colors. STAY IN SCHOOL, KIDS!).

I found this gorgeous Ark & Co. kaftan on Dailylook during the beginning of summer for about $8. I was looking for a cute kimono for layering purposes, but I ended up with this kaftan with the feminine high-waisted cinch. I kept the white bottoms for all of the outfits because I thought it really complemented with the white graphics on the shirt. Lastly, I wore my beat-up Candie’s chunky boots (less than $1) that I love so much.

OUTFIT #3: Okay, I admit, I’ve dressed up a t-shirt to go out this one time because I was way too lazy to change. It was just once though, I promise! Actually… it’s not too shabby if you chuck on a structured outerwear and some heels. I have been obsessed with this Line and Dot quilt-texted jacket that I got from Threadsence for less than $15. It’s nice and thin, yet it is also relatively warm. I wore it during the summer in SoCal, and it was just perfect.

For this outfit, I played with the textures and let those elements be the star of the outfit. This help mute the vibrant blue a bit, so it can be worn outside a school function. On top of the textured jacket, I wore my Forever 21 mesh heels that I got from ThredUP for less than $9. To up its bada** level, I wore my heavy-duty necklace with dangling studs that I got from a garage sale for $1.25.

My ten cents #39: Stock up on at least one pair of white denim bottoms! I think it’s the best way to wear vibrant colors on top if you aren’t into the whole vibrant-on-vibrant action. If you are into color, then roll with it! If not, then I would recommend a trustee pair of white denim bottoms because it complements an outfit very well.

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