How I Wear It: Cut-Out and Sheer Mesh (Black) Dresses/Rompers

I haven’t been feeling inspired lately and although little ideas have been popping up in my head (i.e.: I teased about “How I Wear It: Maxi/Midi Dresses” on Instagram), it wasn’t enough to go through the motions of a self-photo shoot. (Rest assure, I will do it eventually, hehehe.) I do not understand how bloggers/vloggers do this daily because a simple post like this takes a lot of work, esp. since it’s a one-(wo)man job in my case. Anywho, I was left at home alone yesterday, so I seized that opportunity to put this together. Although I wasn’t going out physically, I totally checked out this 3-days weekend and was going out mentally. My favorite part about going out is definitely the “getting ready” portion, so if y’all are down, then come and get ready with me. Tehee. 🙂

There are two trends that I live for: cut-outs and sheer mesh. I find them sultry yet endearing and feminine. I am not huge on showing skin in obvious ways like short shorts and tube tops, but I am all for little cut-outs here and there. I feel like the little cut-outs are architectural details that leave one wanting more. Ultimately, they tease. It goes the same way for sheer mesh. Even though sheer mesh covers skin, its see-through component is daring.

 Outfit #1: Gold Deeets

I’m not sure what this type of cut-out is called, but it reminds me of the key-hole cut-out, but on steroids. It’s a huge split on my back, but I like how the front of this H&M dress that I got for $10 is completely covered with a modest Peter-Pan collar. It gives balance to the garment. To bring attention to the collar, I paired the dress up with a gold statement necklace that I got for a $1.25 at a garage sale. To go with the gold theme, I added my Aldo tassel purse that I got from Goodwill last Memorial Day for about $5. Lastly, for a lil’ more skin showin’, I wore my strappy Charles David wedges that my momma got for me at a garage sale for $1
Outfit #2: Buckles for Days

I love this combination of side cut-outs and sheer mesh long sleeves. Again, they balance each other out, so it’s not too scandalous. The side cut-outs on this Motel Rocks romper that I got from Threadsence for about $25 (I don’t quite remember) are super flattering; it fakes an hour-glass silhouette. The price on this piece is def. out of my comfort zone, but I have been eyeing it for so soo long because it has my name written all over it. I snatched the last one thanks to Threadsence 30% off sale. For the whole shebang, I paired it up with my cut-out boots with brass-like buckles. I got it from Wetseal for about $10. I love this style so much that I got two pairs in two different colors, and surprisingly, the quality is pretty good. As for jewelry, I wore my tiered or dangling earrings that my mom got from a garage sale for about a buck.

Outfit #3: Silver Deeets

The reason why I love black garments so much is because one, it’s super slimming and two, it is really easy to jazz it up with color. As a lover of neutrals, I naturally use other neutral tones to jazz up my black pieces. In addition to gold details, silver details work well too. Since the little chain detail on top of the front’s cut-out is silver, I thought it would be fitting to go with a silver theme. I added my Jessica McClintock clutch that I got from TJ Maxx for about $10 and Kimchi Blue strappy wedges that I got from Facebook (originally Urban Outfitters) for $10. Like the outfit before, this Guess dress that I got from a garage sale for $1 also combines cut-outs and sheer mesh in perfect harmony!

Outfit #4: Minimalism

Unlike the previous outfits, this one doesn’t need the extra accessories given its “natural” details. Just for the extra sass, I added a pair of mini dangling rhinestone earrings that my mom got from a consignment store for $1. For some odd reason, I had such a hard time making this purchase; it’s probably because I have a skirt that mimics the bottom portion of this dress. What drove the purchase was definitely the deep-v open back. I do not own anything like this and I think it’s so pretty. Unlike the back, I do have a shirt that has the triangle cut-out in the front. That type of cut-out is actually one of my favorites just because I do not like my midriff at all, esp. my muffin top. It is such a delicate and sweet spot, so the triangle cut-out is a good tease considering my natural midriff shape. Unfortunately, this dress that I got from Urban Outfitters for $20 is a little too big and very long (I am in denial of my height, obvi.). However, I oddly like how loose it is on me; it’s not too loose that it will fall apart, but it’s loose enough to create a flowy silhouette. Lastly, I wore my Enzo Angiolini heels that I got from a garage sale for $2 for that much needed support in the height department.

My ten cents #35: Sometimes more is… more. Coverage can be sexy when balanced with a bit of tease.

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