How I Wear It: Falling out of Summa

So…summer is over, and that means the weather is getting a bit colder. Although I am ready for sweater weather, I’m going to miss wearing cute little dresses and crop tops (actually I’m kind of okay with that because I gain some weight and my midriff is nothing to show off), but no fear, FALLing out of summer does not mean the end of summer trends (corny pun, I know, but that’s what I’m known for!) I was tagged to blog about how I would transition summer items into fall/winter essentials, and I thought it would be fun because I’m starting to lack inspiration for this blog. Feel free to tag me with ideas because this blog need some spicing.

I’m only listing my favorite summer trends, so I won’t be covering everything. This post is def. long enough.

(Oh, apologies for my ill photo quality; camera and I got into an argument…)

Summer–> Fall #1: Overalls/Dungarees
Summer–> Fall #2: Platform Wedges

I totally got into this trend late, but that’s because I have a love/hate relationship with rompers and overalls because I would avoid going to the bathroom when I wear them. TMI much? Well, that’s the struggle of being a wannabe fashionable chick. With the inconvenience that comes with this garment, I didn’t want to spend a whole on it, so I found one at a garage sale (and another one from Ecothrift) for a relatively cheap price. I got this (Gap) one from a garage sale for 50 cents and the bottom wasn’t originally shorts; a good pair of scissors did me well. For this transition, I would swap out a crop top, for example, with an oversized sweater or add on a long outerwear (e.g. no name long grey cardigan with white specks that I got from a garage sale for 50 cents) for some warmth.

I am short, so I take any opportunity to look and feel taller; therefore, I was really excited when I found a pair of affordable platform wedges during the beginning of summer. Do you remember the pair of Dolce Vita that I got from Ross for $20 and I couldn’t stop talking about them? They are really tricky to pull off during the fall, but with the right attitude, they aren’t too bad. I love quirkiness and I understand why this idea is a fashion no-no, but hey, in the wise words of Drake, “YOLO.” Yes, I just went there. In my defense, I learned this mentality way before Drake got big. This idea is…*drumrolls* the SOCK+HEELS/WEDGES COMBO. The idea is so bad that it’s good. Everybody makes fun of it, but secretly, everyone wants to wear it. Haaaa. I wouldn’t just wear it with any pair of socks; it ought to be a pair of knee-high socks!

If I am going for quirkiness, then I might as well go all out. This outfit cannot get any weirder, but it’s fun and light.

Summer–> Fall #3: Skater Dresses

I have no idea where this trend came from, but all of a sudden, skater dresses were in. I always thought they were in since they are flattering with an A-line bottom. Luckily, I already own a couple, like this red Forever 21 dress with a criss-cross back that I got for $10, so I felt pretty trendy this summer, but why stop at summer if they are that flattering. I wear dresses all year round, and for the colder days, I would just layer it with a long-sleeve top or jacket like this Forever 21 moto+utility jacket that cost me $22. The price tag is def out of my comfort zone, but the two-in-one deal is too good to pass up since I’m looking for both a moto jacket and a utility jacket. Versatility is thee best. The funny part is that I had no idea this jacket is a two-in-one combo when I ordered it. I thought the moto-looking part was just an accent. I am totaaally digging this jacket for the fall and winter now. 

Summer–> Fall #4: Maxi Skirts/ Dresses

Maxi skirts/ dresses were everywhere this summer….but I didn’t get this one until this weekend from Forever 21 for less than $7. No fear, I can still wear it in the fall! Maxi anything is flattering because it gives you the illusion of a taller and slimmer figure, so it would be a shame to limit it to one season. It is a great addition to a night out during the fall because it provides enough coverage, so your legs aren’t exposed, but it’s equally as fun as a bodycon skirt because it has a scandalous slit. All in all, it a win-win situation. Pair it up with some simple black pumps (e.g. black Nine West pumps that I got from a garage sale for $0.50) and you are set for a classy and feminine look.

Summer–>Fall #5: Crop Tops
Summer–>Fall #6: High-Waisted Shorts

Like I mentioned before, with my not so flattering midriff, I am perfectly fine with calling it quits with crop tops this fall, but being the frugal person that I am, any fabric has the potential to get its PPW worked on. For the fall, I like to layer crop tops onto other items like dresses, for example. Also, if you want to add depth to the outfit, simply add a patterned-top underneath the crop top for more pizazz. Here, I layered my Aeropostale crop top that I got for about $7 over a Bebe (?) polka dotted tank that I practically got for free. A lot of crop tops create a feminine silhouette, so I guess I’m not calling it quits just yet. Just layer other items on top of it like this long cardigan that I got for $1 at a garage sale and grab a pumpkin spice latte, and bam, you are oozing with fall-ness.

I have a very unhealthy obsession with high-waisted shorts like this Calvin Klein high-waisted denim shorts that I got from my aunt. None of my mid-rise shorts got any loving this summer (sorrry </3), and that's because high-waisted shorts make me look taller and skinnier. It tucks in my muffin top very well! A long cardigan plus some semi-tall boots (e.g. Mudd laced combat boots from a garage sale that I got with $1) help extenuate your legs even more.

My ten cents #29:  I believe that I’ve said this before, but no item is meant for one season or even one generation. I cannot emphasize the importance of LAYERING enough. I hate statistics with all my heart, but the combinations you can make with just some items plus replacement can be a lot. (Fun fact: I used this logic to explain one of my stat’s hw problems and I got my credit for it.) You’ve seen me wear the same garments before on this blog, but I don’t wear it the same way all the time. Have fun with all them combinations because clothes should be fun.

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