How I Wear It: School T-Shirts (VSA)

Heeeeey there, it has been a while, hasn’t it?  I haven’t been motivated to take any pictures since my poor NEX-F3 got into an accident and now I can’t turn it on. I plan on getting it fixed soon, but as of now, I’m going back to my OG point and shoot. It got the job done originally, so I’m just going to look at it as a little reunion.
Highlight of the day: officially getting my VSA shirt! I love love LOVE the contemporary design of it. Being Buddhist, the homage of the lotus flower made it even more personal. When I was paying for my membership, which came with the shirt, I told my friend that I already have an outfit in mind. Whether she was serious or joking, she told me that I should make a blog post of how I would style it. (If you are reading this, HI SUZIIIIIIE <3) I laughed it off, but she has a good point. How the heck do you wear school t-shirts outside an event that's associated with the org? Being the club junky that I was and still am, this idea is relevant. I definitely want to work on its PPW, and sleeping with it is kind of cheating in my book. I actually get all of my sleepwear for free or really cheap because it not even for show, so I wouldn't invest in a shirt just so I can sleep in it…
Without further to do, here are 3 ways I would wear a school t-shirt or even a graphic band tee. Each outfit is meant for a quarter because you know you want to wear it all year to work on its PPW. 😉

FALL: When I think of fall, I think of layering, especially layering SUMMER CLOTHES into your fall wardrobe (working on that PPW of course). T-shirts instantly make outfits casual. I am not a big fan of casual wear because I like to go the extra mile to look more individualized, but for my lazy days, I like to pair T-shirts with dressy clothes like my black high-low dress from H&M, which cost me $10. As for my shoes, I paired my black Sam Edelman heels that I got from Goodwill for $5 with my gifted knee-high socks to create a casual bottom look as well. I am not a huge fan of the sock plus heels combo, but I like how quirky it looks.

WINTER: I am soooo ready to bring out my coats! I got this brown Forever 21 peacoat before I practiced the “mytencents” principles, so it was relatively expensive; I think it was about $20? I will never make that same mistake again! Anywho, I wanted to go for a sophisticated look with some edge, so I paired the shirt with a Jones New York collared sleeveless top that I got from a garage sale for a dolla, black Bebe denim bottoms that my aunt gave to me, and Mudd laced combat boots that I picked up at a garage sale for a buck.

SUMMER: Ohhh summer, it’s going to be awhile until we meet again. What I love and hate about summer is that I can’t layer. It’s kind of hard to make different outfits when you want to wear a minimal amount of clothes. That is when I rely on accessories to amp up my looks. My very Asian-y mom always remind me to wear a hat during the summer to keep my not-so-light-colored skin from getting any darker. I do not like hats because they add extra weight to my head…if that makes any sense. Being the obedient daughter that I am, I do listen to her by borrowing her hat like this red Nine and Co. straw hat that she got at a rummage sale for $2. 😛 It does not feel like summer without a pair of high-waisted shorts and boat shoes, so I belted my Calvin and Klein high-waisted denim shorts that I got from my aunt with my maroon Coach belt that I got from a garage sale for $0.50. Lastly,  I sealed the deal with my grey with red accents boat shoes from Nordstrom Rack, which I got for less than $15.

My ten cents #26: Trial and error, baby, trial and error. Try different trends that emphasizes on little accents or make your own! I truly believe in the importance of little details because they make a huge difference! Let it be socks and heels or layering with collared shirts, do what your heart contents.

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