082713: Typical Tuesday

I love nothing more than a make-over, so I decided to take the extra step to do so for this blog. Do you notice the difference? As much as I love floral-girly prints, it is time for this to age with class. Plus, it’s all organized and user-friendly; I learned how to use HTML just for you guys!
In addition to my new layout, I made a youtube account along with my very first youtube video! I always wanted to get into, I guess, “vlogging (?),” but I’m ridiculously camera-shy. (Did you realized that I tried to omit my face in my earlier posts?) After 8 months of running this thing, I am starting to get more comfortable in my own skin thanks to y’all!

Alrighty, back to the usual stuff: today was nothing more than typical, so I decided to play with the day by being spontaneous and trying new things. I must admit, this blog definitely helped me with my confidence. I always had a different take on fashion compared to the norm, and it’s about time I take control over it. I had this faux fur vest in my closet for some time now, way before this blog was created, and not once did I take it out for a spin. I tried, but failed as I wondered what others would think about me. “What is she wearing?” “She is trying way too hard.” “Better safe than sorry”, I thought as I put it back in the closet.

Today was different. I felt different, a good different. I swear, I felt like a million bucks when I wore the vest…or maybe that’s because this is my most expensive outfit up to date.

Kudos to my friend from “An Outfit at a Time” on Youtube for sharing this idea: wear your v-neck backwards! It goes great with a collar shirt underneath. 

Oh, say hello to current fave shoes. With the price that I paid for them, they better be my fave shoes. I’ve been looking for a pair of classy loafers with a pair of tassel, and I could not believe it when I found them in my size!
Elle Faux Fur Vest–Rummage Sale: $5
Forever 21 Polka-Dotted Top–Facebook: $5
Aeropostale V-Neck Long Sleeve Sweater–Garage Sale: $0.25
Mint Pleated Skirt–Ross: $10
Dolce Vita Loafers–TJ Maxx: $35
Ecote Canvas Backpack–Urban Outfitters: $30
Necklace–Hobby Lobby and Michaels: $3
Total: $88.25, Price Per Wear (PPW): ~$20
My ten cents #24: Fashion is a community that shares its good and bad trial-and-errors, so I encourage you to seek inspiration from others. Heck, that’s one of the main reasons why I established this blog. With technology being an incredible and power resource nowadays, it doesn’t take much to expand your style.

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