#SSP: Introduction

During my first year of college, I took a sociology course where we had discussion once a week and during that time, we discussed our identifications through labels. As much as I don’t like the idea of characterizing a person with stereotypical labels, they play a huge part in distinguishing a person among different communities. I am an Asian American female who’s trying to live the American dream (whatever that is) while trying to keep some sort of cultural lineage within the new generation. As part of my American dream, education is key for success. A stable major for a stable job is emphasized. Anything beyond that realm was unnecessary, which in my case was art. I was not exposed to art of any kind until high school. Due to graduation requirements, I took a few courses on photography, and as an extra curricular, I joined Asian Club where I perform cultural dances. Unlike many people who are glad to be done with high school, I miss and yearn for the moments where I added new labels to my being. In addition to being “Asian,” “nerdy,” and “introverted” came “culturally-driven” and “artistic.”
Some people may describe art as hip and new, but to me, it is ancient. “New” art is recycled by “old” art, just like how I believe fashion is timeless. It is culturally enriched and it is being forgotten as we speak. With that said, my passion for keeping culture alive has inspired me to join a project with some inspiring individuals in hope to bring back a positive influence into our generation. It’s going to be a long journey, but sooner or later, it shall surpass us.
Here’s a little glimpse into the future:
Photo credit: James L.
Photo credit: James L.
Photo credit: Diem L.
This lovely model happens to be one of the forces of the project. She is taking the art of accessorizing to the next level! Why use necklaces, bracelets, and etc. when you have a pair of dancing fans, umbrella, and lantern? She paired each prop with a light pink/almost white flowy dress that she borrowed from her sister…I call that a FREE outfit! Sharing is caring. 😉 Oh, and I cannot forget the cute teal Forever 21 wedges for $20.
Photo credit: Diem L.
Photo credit: Diem L.

This beautiful gal happens to be the other force to be reckon with. Not only is she bold enough to jump in a dress, but it is a bright yellow one! If you read my Rainbow Tag post, then you know that I don’t own much in yellow. That is because my complexion does not go along with yellow, unlike her’s. She bought the bright yellow dress from Wetseal for $15, and she added a black belt above the waist to emphasize the dress’s A-line. Curse me and my horrible skills with stop-motion, but just trust me when I tell you that her wedges are way too cute.

Photo credit: Kim F.
Photo credit: Kim F.
Photo credit: Kim F.

I took this opportunity to wear my newly bought blue Rue 21 high-low dress with a criss-cross back, which I got for $10. I paired it up with my black Ninewest wedges that I got at a garage sale for $1. I gotta work on that PPW because it’s $10 as of now. 😦

My ten cents #22: I don’t know what’s cooler and hipper than adding culture into your wardrobe. Fashion is an outlet for self-expression, so why not flaunt those labels? 

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