How I Wear It: What the heck is a rainbow tag?!

Tag, you’re it! This morning, I guess I was rainbow-tagged (?) by a good friend of mine. I never heard of such thing, so I looked it up and apparently it was the thing a couple of months ago. It’s a tag where you pick out your favorite items, let it be garments or make up products, out of the rainbow spectrum. It looked interesting enough, and with this length, it makes up for all the lost time since my last post. I thought it wouldn’t be too hard to find my items and quickly shoot some photos, but my goodness, it took awhile. My closet is full of neutrals! After thinking long and hard, I was able to find everything I needed except for the multi-color category…whatever that category is. Regardless, it was kind of fun putting outfits together on the fly because it takes me more than 10 minutes to be satisfied with the results.

RED: This was kind of a toughie because I dislike the color with almost all of my heart. Although it can symbolize love and all that good stuff, I actually think of blood when I see anything red. Not being a fan of blood since it reminds me of needles, I try not to wear it too much. The only exceptions are lipstick and nail polish because those stuff are shimmery. Tehee 😉 However, I adore this Forever 21 cutout dress because of the criss-cross design. Oh, and may I add, it was only $10. I paired it up with my new Dooney & Bourke crossbag (as if I don’t have enough) that my mother got me for about $7-8 at the flea market and my fav pair of boots from Ross for about $23. Do I look like T-Swizzle yet?

ORANGE: Thank goodness for my Ecote canvas backpack, or else I would not have anything orange to show. I like this shade of orange just because it’s almost neutral; it’s not bright or vibrant. It’s almost like a brown shade, which I dig. I got this as a Christmas gift for myself from Urban Outfitters for about $30; thank goodness for clearance or else I would never afford this. This bag has been through a lot with me and boy, did I beat this thing up bad. It looks like it’s about to die, but not on my watch! Gotta work on its PPW! Side note: this is my OOTD, which includes a black H&M cardigan that I got for $10; a grey H&M legging (?) that I got for $10; a floral Ann Taylor top from Ecothrift that cost me $2; a pair of black velvet Steve Madden loafers that cost me $2 at a garage sale; and lastly a lavender H&M infinity scarf from Facebook that cost me $5.

YELLOW: Again, these colors are tough! Yellow, yellow, yellow…I was so tempted to just show my beautiful collection of Forever 21 bags, but I had my “aha” moment when I remembered my yellow Gucci bag that I got as a gift from my aunt. It’s like a mustard yellow, which isn’t too wild for me. I only bring this baby out to play on special days/events. I paired it up with neutral pieces so it can pop including my Guess LBD that I got at a garage sale for $1 and Nine West heels that I got at another garage sale for $0.50.

GREEN: I don’t have anything legitimately green, but I have items that would belong in that family including my mint-colored polka dotted F21 top that I got off of Facebook for $5 and teal F21 canvas shoes that cost me $10.

BLUE: Yes, finally, a color that I did not struggle with. Blue denim, it is! I recently picked up this Gap Denim Jacket for $7 from a rummage sale that I’m head over heels with. It’s a bit small, but it’s super soft. I think my current favorite pairing is the denim jacket plus red Toms kind of deal. I’ve always wanted to own a pair of Toms, but my father talked me out of it due to its quality. Luckily, I found a red pair of Toms for $0.50 at a garage sale after my mom talked me into it. 😛 Lastly, I finished the look with my long time lova, brown replica Coach bag, which I got way back in the day for $2 at a garage sale.

PURPLE/VIOLET: My favorite color! Woot, no struggle here! You cannot go wrong with a button up; it’s like a blazer-super sophisticated and chic. I paired this purple Express dress shirt/button up that I got at a garage sale for $0.25-0.50 with a $10 black pencil skirt from Ross. Lastly, I sealed the deal with a pair of black Steve Madden heels that I got a garage sale for $1

My ten cents #21: This is kind of a tip to myself- ADD MORE COLOR TO YOUR WARDROBE. Color can compliment your neutrals and they are so easy to mix and match to make completely different outfits.

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