073113: Wistful Wednesday (BEST DAY EVA)

This week has been beyond amazing and absolutely nothing can compare to the day I had. Many firsts were done including my first (fake) tattoo, first bart trip, and most importantly, my very first concert. On July 31st, I witnessed the glorious One Direction on the big stage for their “Take Me Home” tour. If you are an avid reader of my blog, then you would know about my “minor” obsession with the hottest boy band eva. If you know me personally, then you would know how long I’ve been waiting for that day to come. My friend bought the ticket for me way back during April 2012 (?) and she managed to convince me to seize the VIP ticket and boy, am I glad she did. Now, you are probably thinking, “Uhh, cool, you went to see 1D…but where are the weird poses of your outfit?” Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take pictures of my whole outfit on the night of because my memory space was filled with One Direction, but I have a couple of pictures that were taken on my friends’ and my phone. As for the 1D details, I’m just going to include them before I forget them when I’m old and married to Liam Payne. This way, I have something to tell our beautiful babies… 😛

During 1D’s “Up All Night” days, each member had their own distinct look. Liam had this plaid thing going on. Harry wore a lot of blazers. Zayn had his fair share of pictures with his Letterman jacket. Niall wore his classic red polos with khaki chinos. Last but not least, Louis might have been obsessed with stripes and red pants. Being a Liam and Louis type of gal, I sported Liam’s face on my forearm, so I thought I can represent Louis and his love for stripe shirts. The addition of Toms was a nice touch that was not expected because I got my hands on them literally the weekend before! It’s a little tribute to his red pants and how he’s a fan of the brand too:

I guess the boys are ditching the past looks because they kept it relatively simple with neutral tees with minimal wardrobe change. Although they were too cute with their stereotypical looks that they would sometime switch clothes, I kind of prefer their “new” look just because 1) they had more stage time and 2) I focused more on their music and performance rather than their outfits (However, I believe Liam’s hat is converting him into a gangsta, but I don’t mind :P)
Releasing my inner 1D, especially Harry and Zayn, with my new tatts. Thank you, Alyssa, for the coolest accessory!

This is the only full body shot from that night, just so you have an idea of what I assembled. Excuse my overly excited face; the thought of seeing them during sound check was running through my head.

Jones New York stripe shirt–Ecothrift: $2
Forever 21 tan high-waisted shorts–Facebook: $7
Dooney & Bourke crossbody–Garage Sale: $30
Toms–Garage Sale: $0.50
Total: $39.50, Price Per Wear (PPW): ~$5
My ten cents #20: Since this is my first (VIP) concert, I struggled a wee bit with what I should wear. I really wanted to wear a dress because I wanted to look amazing for my boys. I mean, we made eye contact multiple times (or at least I would like to think so). However, looking back at it now, I’m glad that I didn’t wear my go-to garment because I definitely jumped and “danced all night to the best song ever.”


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