062213: Splendid Saturday

Although this post is long overdue, I remember this day as if it was today. Last weekend, heck, last week has been more than amazing. I got to spend a couple of days with the best company eva, and that pretty much made my summer worth it. On Saturday, a couple of my favorite girls and I went to an outdoor concert where I saw Parachute, Andy Grammer, Sara Bareilles, and more live. Being the short girl that I am, platform at a concert was the best decision that I have ever made. Being “tall” has so many perks! Dang, I have been missing out on a lot…
After fangirling for about 5 hours, we decided to hit up this cute little area where we shopped and boy, did I splurged and then we topped it off with a mini photoshoot. This wasn’t really planned, so I am definitely coming back to this area with a game plan. Photo credits go to one of my closest friend, Kim Fang, who made me not miss my tripod one bit. Thanks love! Now, try to feast your eyes on my attempt to model and jazz.
Forever 21 beige lace dress–Facebook: $8
Dooney & Bourke crossbody–Garage Sale: $30
Dolce Vita platforms–Ross: $20
Scala fedora–Kohls: ~$5-$10
Heart Shaped Sunglasses: $1.25
Total: ~$69.25, Price Per Wear (PPW): ~$15
My ten cents # 17: A friend of mine advise me to walk with confidence to pull something off. From personal experience and some practice, I can confidently spread that advice around. Sometimes, I look at what people wear, and as much as I love that they are expressing themselves, I question their taste. There is a difference between expressing yourself in baggy clothes and wearing something unfitted, BUT if you can pull something unflattering with some confidence, I might just believe you. A professor once told me, “Fake confidence is still confidence.” I say, “Fake confidence slowly becomes real confidence.” I must thank my platforms for that.

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