061513: Sassy Saturday

 Hello again, it sure has been awhile. I may not have been posting anything new on this blog, but if you have been following my instagram, then you would know about my dolce vita babies that I got recently. I did not want to go into the nitty-gritty of how I found these at first, but due to popular demand, I’m ready to share with you my secret because that’s the purpose of this blog anyways, right?

Secret: pure luck and a little practice. That’s right. I’ve trained myself to be quick, efficient, and down to business when it comes to shopping because I’m always on a time crunch. First stop to every store is definitely the shoes section because it’s the easiest to go through. I would glance through the selection with a pair of keen eyes. Although I am a brand junkie, I would only get an item if I like it. These babies were way up on the top shelf at Ross…yup, Ross definitely got an A+ in my book. It totally stood out at me; just look at it, they are crazy and funky! I love the pop of mint, so I decided to take them down to my level. Lo and behold, they are a pair of Dolce Vitas! Apparently they are about $130 retail, but if you know me, then you would know that I would never ever spend that type of cash on anything!
Moda International white summer dress–Aunt’s closet: FREE
Mint mini bow–gift from a friend: FREE
Dolce Vita platforms–Ross: $20
Total: $20, Price Per Wear (PPW): ~$5  
(have been breaking these in for 4+ days already!)
My ten cents #16: I wish I could take you all on a shopping trip to show you want I mean when I say “I would glance through the selection with a pair of keen eyes.” Due to the time crunches that I would be on, I have to break the number 1 rule of shopping, especially at thrift stores, which is going through everything on the racks. I do not have time for that, so instead of going through everything, I would scan the items. It’s almost like taking a test where you can only have enough time to scan a passage instead of reading everything. You may miss a few things, but getting the main message is possible. The same thing can be applied to shopping; you will lose some things if you scan poorly, but the main idea or item will stick out like a sore thumb if you are on the lookout.

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