How I Wear It: How to Wear a One-Shoulder Dress 4 Different Ways!

Here’s another unconventional post that is missing my infamous piano stool. A bunch of stuff is piled on top of it; in fact, my whole room looks like a tornado came in…I’m surprised that I was able to clear up this little space for my poses.  
If you didn’t know already, I have been super duper busy with VSA Annual Culture Show! It was a great success and I am so happy with how it turned out, but now I’m back on that school and blog grind. Yay! However, VSA duties are not done yet….there is still one more event to go, and that would be BASH! Bash is when VSA comes together one last time for the school year to reflect on some good memories with some good company. We dress all fancy and jazz for a good time. Being the broke college student that I am, I do not have the funds to buy another dress when I have a ton in my closet. As I rummage through my closet, I found this beauty that my aunt gave me: lavender off-the-shoulder Armani Exchange dress! Unfortunately, it’s a little..uhhh, not so classy for a banquet, so I’m not wearing it. It saddens me that I have yet to wear this dress, so I decided to dedicate it to this post to answer a specific question: How do I re-wear a dress?
I get this question a lot, and to be honest, I still struggle with it. My best advice is to pair it up with different accessories, let it be a different overcoat, shoes, jewelry, or even hairstyle. Here’s my attempt to make this scandalous dress into something I can wear on the daily.
Is this something you would wear to a club? If so, then someone should take me to one because this dress is crying to have a day out. It is so flattering; it shows off curves that I didn’t even know of or it’s an illusion, which I don’t mind either. I partnered it with a simple pair of pumps, black Nine West pumps, and there you have it: an outfit of 50 cents.
 Here’s my attempt to a more sophisticated look. I threw on a Chico’s striped blazer that I got for $3 and a pair of black Nine West wedges that I got for $1 at two different garage sales. Blazers automatically make you look chic and business-y. I love how the structure of this blazer is not your typical style; it’s more of a box shape to give the outfit more dynamic.
This is an example of what I would wear out on a date or somes. For some reason, I find elegance in the scrap of my $1 pointed-toes heels. I love the gold details on it too. A black overcoat is an essential for your closet, so I bought mine recently for $7 at Ecothrift. If I button it up, it has an A-line shape, so it’s super flattering at my waist area.
Last but not least, here is something I would wear to school. One of the reasons why the dress is a bit scandalous for everyday wear is because of the length; it’s quite short. To prevent that problem, a long maxi shirt should do the trick. I am not a big fan of maxi skirts because I am short and they usually pass my feet. In this case, I paired the dress with a semi-maxi skirt from H&M that I got for $5 from a fellow student on Facebook. I also paired it up with purple Fioni wedges that I got for $3 at Ecothrift.
My ten cents #15: Use your imagination to pair different things up with one of your dresses; that way, you are getting more for your money, so your PPW is much lower! In this post, I mainly used shoes and overcoats, but you can definitely use anything! They don’t make accessories for nothing! AND FOR THE FELLAS, you have no excuse either! You have ties, pocket squares, shoes, hats, glasses, cuff links, and etc. You may even have more accessories than girls!

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