042213: Mighty Monday

This weekend was crazzzzy tiring, but it was definitely fun, so when Monday rolled around, I did not want to put any effort into my outfit. My go-to outfits for lazy days are either my UCD hoodie or band tee with my favorite pair of high waisted shorts. Well, you see, it was about to hit the 90’s, so no more sweater weather for me, so instead, I chose the latter. This is, hands down, my favorite band tee everrrrr! Why yes, it’s my One Direction shirt, which was a birthday gift from one of my friends. ❤

As you keep in mind that I am an adult who wears a One Direction shirt to a quite prestigious university, here’s a little story for you: when I got home, my mom yelled out something on the lines of, “Oh, you’re trying to look cool or something, huh?” in Vietnamese. Although she really meant what she said, I could not take her seriously. Mom, it’s a One Direction shirt; if that’s your definition of acting cool, then I guess so. 😛 My momma is too cute for words, but then again, she was kind of right…I felt like a total bad*** walking around with my One Direction shirt tucked into my high waisted shorts that are bounded by a leather Christian Dior belt as my boots made clunks against the ground. I felt pretty mighty then.
One Direction band tee–Birthday Gift: FREE
Christian Dior brown leather belt–Garage Sale: $0.50
High-waisted denim shorts–Ecothrift:$1
Aerosoles brown boots–Garage Sale: $1.50
Dooney & Bourke crossbody–Garage Sale: $30
Total: $33, Price Per Wear (PPW): ~$5
My ten cents #13:  WEAR WHATEVEA YOU WANT, but please keep it appropriate, esp since it’s about to hit the 90’s! Don’t fear of what others may think of your outfits; it’s your body and your expression. It feels pretty liberating when you gain the courage to wear something that may not be in the realm of “normal.” Then again, what is “normal” nowadays…

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