041613: Morose Monday

If you haven’t noticed yet, I have finally hit the 1000-visits mark, and I am so grateful for those who have taken the time to read the little bits and pieces that I’ve written; I hope they are inspiring. I’m just another little girl with big thoughts, and using this blog as my outlet has been amazing. The things that I write here were once hidden internal thoughts and it’s so refreshing to finally put them into words…so, thank you so much! ❤

So back to the program…here’s a little story that I would like to share with y’all. Do you remember the post about my “goal dress?” Yup, that’s right-the floral dress with an open back. Uhh, does this dress match the same description? Why yes, it does, but it’s totally different! This is where story time comes in: I believe the day after I published the “goal dress” post was when I went to the outlets with my favorite girls! After visiting Forever 21 for like the 3rd (?) time, we popped the tags on this cute spring dress. It first started with, “Oh, let’s all try this on for funsies” and next thing you know, it turned into: “Omg, it’s so cute. Let’s get it. Omg, let’s all get it!!!” Since this dress looks similar to my “goal dress,” I can call this one the “sister dress” and surprisingly, it’s somewhat different compared to the other one. This one is definitely more casual with the cotton material, making it super stretchy and comfortable.

Say hi to my favorite pair of shoes at the moment. If you didn’t know already, I am a brand junky who is obsessed with Steve Madden. Steve Madden shoes know how to complement your feet; they are definitely worth the investment, but luckily, I found both of my Madden shoes for super cheap! *happy dance*
Please also say hi to my new-old favorite overcoat for the season! The parka coat was recently a huge trend and during winter break, my friend and I were on the hunt to find one, but it was relatively expensive. I finally came across this one, although it’s not thick with a hoodie like most, I am digging it for the spring season. I actually bought this used from another student through Facebook. Yes, I know, it sounds sketchy, but I think it’s quite smart. Students need money and hey, they have clothes that they don’t wear just lying around. Why not make a few bucks and have another person make use of the garment? It makes sense to me. I haven’t sold any of my clothes yet on these groups because I’m so attach to everything I buy, but I’ve sold books to other students, so I know how it feels to be on each end of the transaction. It’s a win-win transaction, but by all means, be safe about it.

Tan overcoat–Facebook: $10
Forever 21 floral dress–Forever 21: $10
Steve Madden black velvet loafters–Garage Sale: $2
Jessica McClintock black clutch–TJ Maxx: ~$9
Total: ~$31, Price Per Wear (PPW): ~$8

My ten cents #12: This tip is more targeted to the idea of “online” purchases as in meeting the person for a garment through Facebook, Craigslist, and etc. First of all, be safe. If you sense something off about the person who’s selling you the item, then ditch it. It’s not worth it to risk your safety. This happened to me when I kept asking this girl about a garment and she just stopped replying back to my questions all of a sudden; it felt so sketch. Next, before meeting up, ask all of your main questions so you won’t waste your or their time. Ask things like size, condition, color, dimension, and etc. I also ask for better pictures sometime since color can get distorted from lighting. Remember to always ask if you can try it on before purchase. You are giving them a fair warning that you may say no. Another tip is, during the process, see if you can bargain with the person, but please be reasonable. People might have a bid system going on, so understand what you are going into. Also, try bundling things if you like multiple items. Trust me, sellers love that stuff because they get to kill two birds with one stone. Happy shopping!

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