032713: Windy Wednesday

Lucky you, I’m posting 2 entries in a row, let’s make tomorrow the third! Don’t get your hopes up too high; I’m spoiling you because it’s spring break, which is when I’m spoiling myself with even more buys…I promise you, no more until later (whatever that even means :P). Although I love dressing fancy on the daily, here’s my casual look that was appropriate for today’s wacko weather, heck, tomorrow is suppose to rain. I wanted to keep my hair from going crazy, so I threw on a beret, and boy, did it do magic.

Ew, it’s me trying to be a Gap model or somes. I thought the cardigan and pants were way too casual for me, so I paired it up with a button up vest with a front tie for a dash of class.
Forever 21 salmon/coral beret–Forever 21: $5
Collar button up vest–Ecothrift: $1
H&M black patterned cardigan–H&M: $10
Gap brown polka-dot pants–Gap Outlet $13
Dooney & Bourke crossbody–Garage Sale: $30
Forever 21 cream crochet shoes–Forever 21: $10
Total: $69, Price Per Wear (PPW): ~$18
My ten cents #10:  I believe this is my most expensive outfit up to date. I have already stressed the idea of splurging on something that is an investment because the price per wear would be worth it, but I have yet to explain the term in depth for those who need a fill in. Price per wear is how much the garment is worth depending on the amount of wears. For example, if the item is $10 and you have worn that piece 10 times, then the PPW is only a dollar. The more you wear it, the “cheaper” it gets. When I calculate my PPW, I divide the price by the times I have used it, which is guestimated. That is why I am okay with splurging on some items, but I don’t jump the gun on everything I see. Here’s my real ten cents #10, which I also tell my friends and family when I shop with them: when you try something on in the store, are you in love? Does it make you feel good? Does it flatter your figure? It’s like saying yes to the dress…if it makes you look and feel amazing, then it’s worth it. Just don’t go too crazy with this “I am in love” deal because I am in love with the Jeffrey Campbell Maryjane wedge and Steve Madden nude pumps, but I’m not getting them until I have extra money just laying around aimlessly.

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