032513: Trenchant Tuesday

Even though I haven’t been posting lately, I have definitely been shopping, and I have been waiting for spring break to flaunt my new buys! THANK GOODNESS FOR SPRING BREAK because that means even more shopping…wooot! I swear, I am not a shopaholic or anything. 😉
Anywho…let me introduce ya to my very first pair of Steve Madden shoes! I have been searching high and low for these babies at a price that I approve of. Not only is this a pair of heels, but they strap around my legs! If you didn’t know already, I love love love heels. I am guilty of wearing them to school even though I can barely walk in them. These babies are so so comfortable and easy to walk in. I didn’t know how love at first sight felt until I laid my eyes on these guys…and wait until you see how much I got them for!

Next, I would like you meet to my very first topshop dress, which happens to be my “goal dress.” Unfortunately, this doesn’t fit like a glove…yet. I tried it on at Thrift Town and fell in love with it big time. Buttoning this up is a bit tricky, so I guesstimated the distance between the holes and buttons and assumed that it would fit. When I got home and got some help, I realized this dress is a little small. Yes, my heart broke a little. Either this beauty was not handled with care and shrunk before I got it or I am no longer a size 2. I bet it was finals week that is now biting me in my buttocks. 😦 It’s okay though; no more late night munchies and better choices from here on out! Luckily, I got this at half price because it was March Madness at Thrift Town!

The open back definitely sealed the deal for me. I have this fetish with dresses with unconventional cuts..you shall see in later posts. I guess this is part of my obsessions with little details. Not only did this dress have an open back, but it had lace trimmings in the front and the bottom of the dress, which I love!
Apt. 9 pink blazer–Garage Sale: $0.25
Topshop floral dress–Thrift Town: $5 (originally $10)
Steve Madden heels–Garage Sale: $1
Replica Prada handbag–Garage Sale: $2-3 
Total: $9.25, Price Per Wear (PPW): ~$5
My ten cents #9: PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO THE DETAILS. It is amazing how little details complement a WHOLE outfit. It’s like, why would you wear an itty bitty accessory? It’s a little detail that pulls your whole outfit together. When I go shopping, the little details are the things that catch my attention rather than the garment itself. For example, the shoe straps caught my eye, not the Steve Madden label. The flowers on the dress yelled out my name and then the lace did; I originally had no idea that the back had an opening. Buttons, pockets, unconventional cuts, and stitching are little details that make or break my transactions. I see these little details as my way of expressing myself differently from others. Let it be studs or wacky patterns, let them speak for themselves.

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