021013: Sophisticated Sunday

Happy Lunar New Years, y’all! In the spirit of New Year’s, I felt a little festive and decided to deck out in some red. I went into the little itty bitty details too-the buttons on the blazer are red as well!

I have this unhealthy obsession with BLAZERS. They just make a whole outfit instantly sophisticated! I came across this one not too long ago, and I fell in love with its details. You can’t see it, but the trim on the collar and the pockets are made of velvet. I feel super elegant and old school with it. Now you know that I also have an unhealthy obsession with little details…yikes.
Vintage patterned blazer–Garage Sale: $1
Forever 21 deep red dress–Forever 21: $10
Black patterned leggings–Again, I found this randomly in my closet…I bet my mom put it there.
Connie Wingtip Oxford Heels–Ecothrift: $10
Coach black hobo bag–Mom’s closet: FREE
Total: $21, Price Per Wear (PPW): ~$4
My ten cents #7: I feel like this is redundant, but it’s so important that I need to reiterate: HAVE AT LEAST ONE BLAZER IN YOUR CLOSET AS AN ESSENTIAL. Blazers are not expensive if you look for them! They instantly make your shabby look into something sharp. I love putting them on when I’m having a bad day because I can look good without putting in the effort. This works for both genders, so you don’t have an excuse! 😉

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