012313: Wimpy Wednesday

 Wimpy Wednesday is right; I never felt so weak. This sickness is killing me alive, but surprisingly, I’m actually in a good mood, so I’m motivated to post something today; it’s probably because my parents are extra caring today. 🙂 Anywho, with today’s rain, I surely did not wear this outfit. Honestly, I wanted to put an outfit together utilizing my sleep-sweater because 1) I’m lazy and 2) it’s part of my ten cents numbero 3! I would totally wear this though. This sweater is actually a hand-me-down from my little brother!

 Oh, and an extra note, when you feel like your outfit is a little bland, add some bling! I love love love accessories; they are so versatile and extremely cheap to find.

Arizona denim vest–Garage Sale: $1
Ralph Lauren navy sweater–Little Brother’s closet: FREE
Gap white shorts–Ecothrift: ~$4 (It was brand new with a tag, so it was $15 originally; however it was on the 75% off color tag–wooot!)
Dolce & Gabbana grey replica handbag–Garage Sale: ~$3-5
Gap navy oxfords–Gap Outlet: $4
Necklace–Garage Sale: $1.25
Total: ~$15, Price Per Wear (PPW): ~$4
My ten cents #3: SEIZE THEM HAND-ME-DOWNS REGARDLESS OF GENDER, SIZE, AND ETC. The beautiful thing about clothing is that they are made out of fabric. If the garment is too big–resize! If the garment is too small–take the scraps and make something new with it such as a scarf. If worse comes to worst, preserve the buttons! Ultimately, my advice is to reuse and recycle. Oh, also…ladies, check out the boys/men sections when shopping; that’s where the hidden gems are!

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